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Do we bring our cameras to the workshop?

Yes! It's a hands-on workshop so we go through camera modes and menus. and practice shooting. I like to hear everyone's camera clicking away during class. The more mistakes you make while you're there, the more we can address on the spot. Bring your camera, lenses, memory card, and charged battery. Oh yeah, don't forget your extra battery in your charger!

I haven't purchased a camera yet. Should I buy one first or come without a camera?

It really depends on you, but either can be beneficial. I will just tell you the advantages of each and you can decide. If you buy a camera beforehand, you can get a little more familiar with it before you come. Most of the people that come to the workshop are here because they bought this expensive camera that they thought was going to take perfect shots right out of the box. After about one hour, they realize it's not that easy. By playing around and realizing a few of your camera's shortcomings, things will make a little more sense. You'll have a lot of "OK, so that's why the camera did that!" moments.

If you haven't purchased your DSLR yet, then I can let you use one of my cameras for the class. I have a Nikon and a Canon so if you've never tried either you can play around with both and see which one you like best. It will also help you to make a better buying decision as you will have a better idea of what each camera offers. I have had quite a few people say they wish they had waited until they took the workshop before buying.

There is a Part I and Part II workshops the same day. Should I take them back to back?

My answer to this question is usually "no". There is A LOT of info to absorb, so I tell most people to just attend Part I first and then give yourself some time to practice. Once you are more comfortable shooting, then take Part II and the new info will make a lot more sense.
If you have been shooting for a while, there is a better chance that you can take both workshops on the same day and feel comfortable. I tell people to take a "wait and see" approach. Some people will tell me that they need to let it sink in and others will say I'm going to grab some lunch and be back for Part II!

I am a total beginner, will I be able to keep up?

Yes, we start with exposure and show you how to put those settings together to create your shot. There are tons of examples and they all have my exposure settings attached so even if you have no idea what ISO, aperture, and shutter speed have to do with each other, by the end of 3 hours you will!

I consider myself advanced; would your class be too easy for me?

If you've ever switched your camera to "Program Mode" just to see if you could get a photo to "work better" then you will benefit from the workshop. If you're just spinning dials in manual mode until you arrive at your exposure, you will benefit from the workshop. If you don't shoot 100% RAW files then you would benefit from the workshops. If you're even reading this far into my FAQ, you would benefit from the workshop.

When are you coming to my city?

If you don't see classes near you, then send me an email and let me know where I need to come next. If you are in a small city, please let me know the closest large city near you.

Are there any takeaways or handouts?

You will receive a booklet with talking points and photos from the presentation.

Is there a minimum age?

No, the youngest person I've had in the workshops so far is 11 and I've had a few 14 and 15 year olds, too. Considering I had my own darkroom at the age of 10, I don't think you're ever too young to start. I do, however, ask that if anyone under the age of 16 wants to attend the workshop, they are dropped off by a parent or guardian and check in with me when they arrive.

What type of camera is the workshop for?

The ideal camera is a DSLR. That’s a camera with interchangeable lenses like Canon Rebels, Nikon D-series, Sony Alphas, Pentax K-series and Olympus E-series. The general rule for the class is if you can take the lens off, it will work for the class. Other cameras that will also work fine are the Sony NEX, Olympus OM-D-series and Panasonic Lumix. You will not have screen shots during the class, but I do know their settings.

What makes your photography class so different?

My workshop is focused on photography more than camera specific features. There is a big difference between learning about photography verses learning about cool features on your camera. I’ve been using manual cameras since I could walk so I don’t worry about cool features. We spend our time on the most important aspects of your DSLR and try to get you fearless in manual mode in three short hours.

I have a Canon Powershot, Nikon Coolpix, or point and shoot. Can I take the workshop?

The workshop is not ideal for these cameras as they have limited capabilities. You are certainly welcome to take the class but be warned that everything will not apply to your camera and you will have a harder time finding your corresponding settings.

Is there a waiting list for full classes?

No there isn't, but there are always openings if someone reschedules to another date and openings are first come, first served so check the site often as you get closer to the date and there may be openings.

We only have one camera between the two of us. Can we take the class together or should we take it separately?

You'll be just fine sharing a camera. The hands on parts of the workshop aren't so strenuous that you both won't have time to try each exercise. 

Am I able to reschedule my workshop?

Yes. You can reschedule any time before your workshop.To reschedule, sign in (top right of the browser) and use the drop down menu under “my registered classes” to change your session.

How can I confirm whether I'm registered for a workshop?

Sign into the website (top right of the browser window) and you will see "My Registered Classes" and your class will be listed if you're registered. If you do not see a class then you will need to register.

How do I redeem a plastic gift card? I don't see a number on it.

The plastic gift cards are like having cash so if you would like to redeem one select "pay at the door" when you register and bring the card with you. If you would like to use one for an online workshop, that's possible but you will need to contact us to walk you through the process.

My voucher is about to expire but I don't see any classes left that fit my schedule. Can it be extended?

Sorry, we are not able to extend the expiration date. If you are not able to fit a class into your schedule you are able to use the paid value of your voucher (usually $49) towards any other class. We will soon offer the ability to redeem expired vouchers towards online classes if there are none scheduled in your area.

Sorry we currently have no classes in your area. Please complete the Stay In Touch form below and we will let you know when we are coming to your town.


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